Half-Yearly Meeting 20-21/10 2022


This meeting is devoted to share updates between consortium members. This meeting is hosted by EDF Saclay and will be located at the room A1.116-122, Azur building.


David Defour, Pablo de Oliveira, Jérôme Gurhem, Akli Amitouche, Franck Vedrine, Bruno Lathuilière, Florian Lemaitre, Malak Elflitty, Wilfried Kirschenmann, Fabienne Jézéquel, Quentin Ferro, Silviu-Ioan Filip, El-Mehdi El Arar (Remote), Stef Graillat (Remote), Eric Petit (Remote), Yohan Chatelain (Remote)

08/06/2023 Program:

Time Topic
10h00-10h20 Update on Task1, Bruno Lathuilière (EDF)Slides
10h20-10h40 Update on Task2, Wilfried Kirschenmann (ANEO) Slides
10h40-11h00 Update on Task3, Franck Vedrine (CEA) Slides
11h00-11h20 Update on Task4, Fabienne Jézéquel (LIP6) Slides
11h00-11h40 Update on Task5, Pablo de Oliveira (UVSQ) Slides
11h00-12h00 Update on Task6, Wilfried Kirschenmann (ANEO)Slides
14h00–14h30 Interfaces parallèles, Akli Amitouche (ANEO) Slides
14h30–15h00 Nouveaux résultats sur PROMISE, Quentin Ferro (LIP6) Slides
15h00–15h30 Exploring Low-Precision Formats
in MAC Units for DNN Training, Silviu-Ioan Filip (INRIA Rennes) Slides  
15h30–16h00 Discussion & Coffe
16h00-17h00 ChatGPT, Large Language Models & InterFLOP, Eric Petit (INTEL)

09/06/2023 Program:

Time Topic
09h00–09h30 Bounds on non-linear errors for variance computation with stochastic rounding, El-Mehdi EL ARAR (UVSQ) Slides
09h30–10h00 Analyse Chromatique & Applications, David Defour (UPVD) Slides
10h00–10h30 COFFEE BREAK
10h30–11h00 Arrondis stochastiques déterministes, Bruno LATHUILIERE (EDF) Slides
11h00–12h00 Ateliers de travail autour des interfaces parallèles (Florian LEMAITRE, ANEO)
14h00–16h00 Working session